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HowTo Use Go!

This HowTo is currently under construction.

The development environment for Go! consists of Enterprise Architect and Eclipse on Windows, and a Linux based build machine. Enterprise Architect is used for UML modelling. All models that come with Go! are in EA database format. Eclipse is used for C++ development including coding, compiling, and remote debugging of device drivers. The build machine may be a virtual machine on the developers Windows host, or a remote PC on an internal network. Installing a Linux virtual machine or remote PC is out of the scope of this howto, there are many howto's on the web to help set up a suitable build machine. Note that you do not need a GUI, a simple command line interface to the Linux build machine is all that is required. The build machine will require:
  • ssh
  • mercurial
  • native build tools (gcc, make, etc.)

The following are different steps that need to be done to set up to create a complete Windows based development environment:

How to set up an ssh client into the build machine.

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