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Installation Overview

Go! Embedded Device Builder is not a conventional product with a simple setup.exe as one would find in a commercial product for Windows. Go! is targeted at the roll-your-own embedded Linux Software Engineer. In keeping with that genre, instead of providing an install wizard, Go! provides step-by-step instructions on how to build your own embedded Linux development environment on Windows.

Commercial embedded Linux distribution vendors will advise you against going through the hassle of building your own development environment. Nonetheless, Go! provides the following benefits for those that are willing to invest the time:
  • Cost savings. It is not possible to buy an embedded Linux distribution from a commercial vendor. The best you can do is rent one. Vendors will only sell you the right to use their distribution for a period of time, and then your license expires. This means that costs are out of your control because you have no idea how much they will charge you in the future. Go! is not exactly free as it will require more time to install than a commercial distribution, but, it will work for as many years as you want. You can even archive it and pull it out ten years from now if needed. Once the initial time investment is made for installation, upgrades require a small investment of time. Additionally, costs can be controlled by using system administrators, or even students, to do the installs.
  • Lower risks. You don't really know if your embedded Linux vendor will still be in business when you go to renew your license. Additionally, many embedded Linux vendors are private companies that do not publish their financial statements making it difficult to evaluate their stability. If they go out of business, you are looking at an unknown cost to transition to another distribution.
  • No vendor lock in. One of the biggest advantages of embedded Linux is that the source code is free, eliminating vendor lock in. However, each commercial development environment applies different patches to the code, and uses slightly different tools and processes. Over time, the subtleties of a particular environment become embedded into the software team's daily work flow. This amounts to vendor lock in and makes it expensive to change vendors.
  • Choice. If you have a budget to spend on outside products to assist your software development team, then it is a better choice to spend that budget on consultants who will address the specific needs of your team. Spend money on your unique needs instead of on items that are freely available. Go! is extremely flexible. When you install your own environment, you also enable customization.

By following the detailed instructions contained in this Installation Guide, the different components that comprise Go! can be obtained, installed, and configured. Think of our approach as the Linux From Scratch for embedded Linux development environments.

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