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HowTo Use Go!

This HowTo is currently under construction.

The development environment for Go! consists of Enterprise Architect and Eclipse on Windows, and a Linux based build machine. Enterprise Architect is used for UML modelling. All models that come with Go! are in EA database format. Eclipse is used for C++ development including coding, compiling, and remote debugging of device drivers. The build machine may be a virtual machine on the developers Windows host, or a remote PC on an internal network. Installing a Linux virtual machine or remote PC is out of the scope of this howto, there are many howto's on the web to help set up a suitable build machine. Note that you do not need a GUI, a simple command line interface to the Linux build machine is all that is required. The build machine will require:
  • ssh
  • mercurial
  • native build tools (gcc, make, etc.)
  • webmin

Go! is not for the embedded Linux development novice. The authors assume that developers have experience with embedded Linux development, and that they can reason their way around problems, and figure things out when the documentation is not clear.

The following are different steps that need to be done to create a complete Windows based development environment:

How to set up an ssh client into the build machine.

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